International Kung Fu Wushu Union & University

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Martial Arts World Online Oath Letter:

Our global family of Martial Arts to keep the ideals and philosophy of Martial Arts and to preserve future generations from any human physical and psychological harm and social harm / help to help world peace and global peace and discipline and to provide a suitable ground for relations friendship between countries, we swear under the laws of the United Nations Charter and to conduct and involvement in politics - social and cultural abstinence and to help promote cultural and social world to help the United Nations.

Reserved for future generations to have the human side of war that two times in the past century human life has suffered catastrophic developments / re-declare their faith and human rights and human values and dignity and equal rights of men and women and children and also between large and small countries and creating conditions for maintaining justice and respect for values out of Respect - Nationality / Race / Religion / Skin Color and so on.

This commitment letter until all our family members living world of Martial Arts will be maintained.

To Achieve These Objectives:

Friendship and tolerance and live together in peace with a united spirit of good neighborliness and forces families to make large International Martial Arts for maintenance of world peace and helping the United Nations for global peace and humanitarian work / We are committed outside the exercise of any power under pressure and in a very friendly atmosphere with International Appeal for the Hungarian cultural and social goals between countries and their progressive philosophy and spirit of the original Martial Arts and lofty goal of humanity and acceptance of ideas and opinions of others outside the country's political problems.



IKWUU Cooperation With The United Nations:

One long-term goals that IKWUU also has a special significance and improved social relations and cultural and performance improvement if diplomatic relations between all countries on the principle of equality before the law, international law, UN Charter would be.

IKWUU right to intervene in internal affairs and international countries under any circumstances, but not the philosophy of Martial Arts that same independence - freedom and human friendship is all right to lands reserved for the IKWUU that Martial Arts can MAO Is the official invitation from the government officials and their countries to encourage the culture medium / To establish peace and friendship between and an appropriate connection to establish and cultures and customs of the United Nations under the UN Charter and the Charter of the United IKWUU to achieve global and outside any cultural and social differences through political and even Martial Arts philosophy.

Respect for political Rights - Cultural and social states by another of IKWUU long-term goals in the charter to work with the United Nations.

This part of IKWUU political work was not only the humanitarian aspects of foreign language every Respect - Nationality - Race - and Religious Beliefs are Nations.

The existing legal under any circumstances IKWUU Charter allowed us knows that in the internal affairs or international countries to intervene.

The only goal is that MAO is also capable of IKWUU through Martial Arts to help global peace and humanitarian goals is to help the world to provide a suitable ground for a peaceful dialogue between nations is created.


IKWUU Legal Rights:

IKWUU to the organization known names in the world and no country or organization the right to use these names for their own interests not to:

Or any head or a phrase that means (IKWUU) and to provide for establishment of a martial arts organization, which means (IKWUU) to give up it is contrary to international regulations and the organization or person prosecute offenders under domestic and international in Italy will.

Any insult to the official IKWUU and especially Board Members (Group - 103) insult to the people and government will be USA  / country or organization or any person on the basis provided insult laws and criminal justice and international prosecution Italy will be.

Fraud and abuse are even able to IKWUU by the United Nations Convention to order and track is offered.


Chapter 2 - Membership of IKWUU

Members of IKWUU countries or organizations that signed the Charter of IKWUU or the legal provisions of the act and the states are the owner of the Martial Arts style in IKWUU MAO are among the permanent members.

All countries that, according to the UN convention are recognized and are able to have a flag are official members are the official IKWUU.

Obstacles and political sanctions on member countries no effect unless ordered by IKWUU no UN or Government of the Republic of USA under the cultural and social sanctions that are in accordance with IKWUU global rules will work.

IKWUU membership organization for all countries in the early stages of free will.

IKWUU membership organization for all legal organization in the world of Martial Arts family in the early stages of free will.

IKWUU governmental organizations registered to operate domestic and international registration may not operate or what their philosophy of work that the conflict is not recognized and no recognition of their membership will be accepted and these provisions are mandatory and all countries fixed member and a member of both formal and is required to operate charter IKWUU create healthy families in the Martial Arts World.

Terms of Registration In IKWUU:

Federations / Organizations / Unions / Associations:

All international federations and styles of traditional Martial Arts are a member of the official IKWUU and do not need an official request.

All international federations’ style:

Providing business and organizational philosophy.

Present teaching methods.

Providing method of struggle (if they have a method of struggle.)

Provide national registration document.

Provide registration and permit international document.

Technical documentation and certification activities related to the relevant section.

Provide official logo / website and other official information to contact the organization and management information indicated that international representative is required on four continents.

Countries of IKWUU have legal rights to allow for document registration and activities are global are as follows:

America - Brazil - China - France - Germany - Italy - Greece - Hong Kong - Japan - Philippines - Malaysia - Russian Federation - South Korea - Spain - Thailand.

Country name based on characters and not the criterion for its assessment.

Chapter 3 - Organizations That Have The Right to Order The IKWUU:

MAO Run commands from these organizations is required:

1. The Government of USA

2. Parliament Republic of USA.

3. Ministries related to work purposes and IKWUU : From USA.

3. United Nations.

4. International Labor Organization.

5. World Red Cross.

6. UNICEF global organization.

7. The Hague tribunal (to deal with war crimes and crimes).

Chapter 4 - The Right To Intervene In Organizations That Do Not IKWUU:

IKWUU under the Charter: "No country or government or international organization affairs lay in Martial Arts under any circumstances allowed intervening in internal affairs and international IKWUU no.

This command does not include the government of USA.

نویسنده : Dr.M.ANN RAZAVI - ساعت ٧:۳٧ ‎ق.ظ روز ۱۳۸٩/۱٢/۱٦

Welcome To

International Kong Fu Wushu Union -University

We are delighted that you would like to become a member of the

International Kong Fu Wushu Union - University

(IKWUU), the IKWUU Team welcomes you on board. 

For whatever reason you have now decided to join us, whether due to organisation change or change of direction within your martial arts, on the basis of us being recommended or simply through coincidence – we welcome you into our international community and hope we can provide you with whatever you need. We are made up of martial artists with an open attitude and our members come first before politics and bureaucracy.

You’ll be pleased to know that we run our association with the philosophy of “friendly cooperation”.

You may have possibly tried other Unions who claim to run like us but not received the service that was advertised, they put in no effort and give no support.  This is not the case with us we a truly fair, amicable, organised and reliable Uunion 

We have been established since 2009, we have several thousand connected martial arts clubs, training groups and associations with members in over 10 countries that have affiliated over the course of the years and we can look back today on the our achievements of our members with pride.  
IKWUU as one of the oldest and well renowned Unions has connections to many martial arts Unions and is held in very high prestige.  On the basis of this we are also the representatives of several other world Unions. For example, we are the official representative of the International University of Martial Science, representative of the World Organizer of Martial Arts and we represent different international Elite and ‘Hall of Fame’ organisations. Cooperation Partner of the Beijing Sports University in Peking/ China and the Assumption University of Bangkok/ Thailand. We have close ties with the Saudi Arabian Royal family. The IKWUU has even been officially acknowledged by President George W. Bush and the United States Presidency Council for Physical Fitness. His Royal highness Togbui Ngoryifia Olatidoye Kosi Cephas Bansah, King of Ghana appointed the ISMASU Headmaster to Consultant of Sport of Kingdom of Ghana  

The number of member schools of the
IKWUU has almost doubled year on year and this is due to our connection with many famous combat art experts, legends, sporting stars, celebrities and grandmasters. This fact can be justified by our friendly philosophy and the extensive, interesting and above all fair services that we offer. Awarded as the “Best Organization of the year” from the Int. Martial Arts Time Magazin Hall of Fame

The success of the ISMASU is based on community, our slogan reads:

"Working together we are stronger and we will reach our common goals".  

IKWUU promotes itself as an international friendly association and represents thus an open-style strong and large international community. The goal of the IKWUU  is it to promote a worldwide brotherhood of martial artists regardless of style/system in the true spirit of the combat arts. In order to further our goals we do not believe in exploiting our members by charging over-elevated fees or having exaggerated association policies and political bureaucracy. Our fees are kept to a minimum to cover admin costs for certification, etc.  Membership is free of charge !                                             .                                              

Many associations have tried to do what we do and failed, whether due to lack of experience, contacts, technical knowledge, etc. They have left their members unhappy and in some cases without grade or rank due to non-recognition from other associations. We in the
IKWUU community are the originals since 2009 – we do not disappoint our members!  You can profit from our long-time experience, from our aims and drive, our worldwide member network, you will profit also from the international acknowledgment of our association and the many advantages that we can offer you. We fully support our members whatever around the clock!  

IKWUU adapts to it’s members requirements and continually updates to their needs and the needs of our martial arts community, we recognise the trends in the martial arts world and adapt to them to include modern advances in styles/systems, training methods, modern media, etc.  Consequently, the success of the ISMASU  is to be regarded as success of all members, masters, officials and trainers.  We invite you to be a part of this success – and to join our ever-growing community. 

Each fight-artist is with us in a big community at home.   

We would like to thank for taking the time to read this and for considering us and would be very happy for you to join us.  

With best wishes,